Random Life Update

  • At last Tuesday’s selectmen’s meeting, they said that they would be taking letters of interest in the position of Town Moderator for the week, and make a decision at a meeting tonight. (At an unusual meeting time and place for them, but I think that its main purpose is to go over the proposed budget with the finance committee.) So, I may get appointed tonight, especially if I’m the only person in town that wants the job. The Annual Town Meeting is next Monday.
  • On Saturday, at a yard sale, I picked up an interesting-looking game, titled “Star Trek: The Next Generation: Interactive VCR Game: A Klingon Challenge”. It’s for 3-6 players, and I get the impression from a quick glance through the rules that it’d work better with closer to 6 than closer to 3. Would people be interested in coming over sometime to try it?
  • We’ll probably be waiting until Star Trek XI comes out on Netflix before watching it. Please be kind and don’t spoil us until we’ve seen it.
  • Hannah turns 1 on Friday. She may end up walking unassisted by then. But if not, I’m sure it’ll be shortly thereafter.
  • Last Monday, we had our first prenatal checkup for our newest Baby, and they took an ultrasound to verify the age. I haven’t gotten around to scanning it in yet, though. And no, we’re not having twins.

Random Life Update

  • Last weekend, I head judged a Magic PTQ with 161 players, which is rather large for this type of event, and the second-largest event I’ve ever head judged. There was a lot to do (including dealing with a table collapse), but our staff dealt with it rather well.
  • A few weeks ago, we signed up with Netflix, primarily to continue watching Star Trek past the Next Generation series. I’m quite impressed with the service so far.
  • We’re continuing to go monthly to Scrabble night at the Charlton Library. We may look at going to a more competitive event at some point (primarily for Jessi’s benefit).
  • For the Shards of Alara prerelease, I’ll be head judging at some store in New Hampshire (I don’t know the name or specific location offhand) on Saturday the 27th, and at Rising Phoenix Games on Sunday the 28th, as part of the TJ Collectibles network of prereleases.
  • I have Jury Duty in 4 weeks.
  • Hannah is growing quickly. She can stand with support, and smiles when she sees me, and I’m sure that before long she’ll have the run of the house. She started sleeping in her own room last week.


Today, Paramount re-releases the Star Trek: The Next Generation Series on DVD as part of TNG’s 20th anniversary. While I’ve considered buying the series in the past, this (plus the price coming down) is what finally convinced me to order it. Depending on how quick Amazon’s free shipping option is, it should arrive sometime over the next couple weeks.

Would anybody be interested in a weekly viewing of TNG at our house? I guess this would be the first step in my goal of at some point running a complete (and I mean complete) Star Trek TUB.