Pete & Jessi’s Busy Weekend

Friday Night: Friday Night Magic at Rising Phoenix Games.

Saturday: Working at the Shadowmoor Prerelease in Hartford with TJ Collectibles. Somewhat to my surprise, rather than judging, I was registering players and collecting money all day, which gave me a useful perspective on the “admin” area. However, it means that I have still not really seen much of the set.

Sunday: Church (both services since I was running Powerpointness, and Jessi was helping in the nursery during the first service), followed by my Grandma’s 85th birthday party, followed by Bible Study, followed by seeing Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

We did not get enough sleep this weekend, but it was fun.

Quote of the Day: Demographic Winter

“Worldwide, birthrates have been halved in the past 50 years. There are now 59 nations, with 44% of the world’s population, with below-replacement fertility.

Sometime in this century, the world’s population will begin to decline. At a certain point, the decline will become rapid. We may even reach population free-fall in our lifetimes.”

Demographic Winter Q&A section (my apologies; it’s a flash-based site).