Quote of the Day

“It’s time to upgrade.

Your copy of Microsoft money includes online services for three years. To continue enjoying use of services like investment tracking and synchronization with MSN Money, please act now and upgrade to Money 2006.” — Microsoft Money 2003, when I opened it today.

More Magic Judging plans

I’ve been getting more involved lately in the Magic judging community. A couple weeks ago I judged at another Pro Tour Qualifier, this coming weekend I’ll be judging at the Connecticut Two-headed Giant Limited State Championship (which people really ought to go to the one in their state if they can, as it’s a really fun format), and the following weekend I’ll be working at a Team Standard Pro Tour Qualifier. Basically I’m working at premiere events once or twice a month, although March is particularly busy. I may be testing for level 2 in the summer, although I’m not sure about that yet.