Another boring post

Went to work. Went to last logic class. Had homemade meatball white pizza for supper. Did some homework. Went to SFS meeting. Watched Enterprise.

Should I bother posting anything on days that nothing of note happened? (At least, nothing worthy enough of note that I remembered it.)

I had today off from work.

I slept in late. Wasted much time on Internet this morning. In afternoon, started working on Logic class final project. It’s about developing the proof theory for the sequent calculus of system T. Yeah, I know you don’t really care, but I find it quite interesting. In evening, went to pasta dinner and Multitude at CA.

Tomorrow, I get to go to work, go to class, do homework, and watch a new episode of Enterprise. Anyone’s welcome to come over at 8 to watch it with me if they want.

I noticed that my last few entries were a little light on the hyperlinks, so I decided to add a bunch this time.

Obligatory Daily Post

One of the interesting things about starting a LJ is that I feel some sort of need to update it on a regular basis (that is, daily or so). I’m not sure why. Perhaps it simply serves as a good way to think through the events of the day and summarize them, as much for me as for anyone else.

While I still don’t fully understand it, I do like this thing. It doesn’t seem logical, but neither is life sometimes.

Well, today was somewhat eventful. I went to work and started working on my next project. Shortly before I left, our typesetting server choked and beeped at us muchly. We couldn’t get to the console, so we rebooted it. When it came up, the power light on the server was blinking yellow instead of the usual steady green. At that point, I looked at my watch, saw that I needed to be getting to class, and left it for everyone else to fix :). I suppose there are advantages to not being full time yet, but I’m looking forward to it (one week from today!) nonetheless.

Although, posting that makes me wonder how much of what I do at Checkerboard and the day-to-day operations is confidential or for-knowledge-of-less-than-the-complete-public. Perhaps I should ask that at some point, although I’m not sure how exactly to formulate the question.

In any event, after work I went to Logic class, which was fairly uneventful. My new Palm arrived today, and I did much oohing and ahhing. We had my brother over for a small study as part of my church’s 40 Days of Purpose campaign (and others are free to join us Monday evenings for the next 5 weeks if they’d like).

So, tomorrow I’ll work on my Logic class final project, Friday I have my tournament, and next Monday I start full-time work.

Life is good.

And Life.

Life can be full of twists and turns.


We went to church, and then to my parents’ house for lunch as we generally do. My parents’ computer was all virus-infested and unhappy, so I reformatted it. Came home, napped. Went to the GSO‘s Casino Night. I played some Roulette and dealt Blackjack for an hour. I discovered that, yes, the house always wins in the long run. The only way to win is to work for the house. So that’s what I did. We came away with some nice conversation pieces and knicknacks.

Future Plans (or, drop back 10 yards and PUNT!)

My research project is not going well. I really haven’t made it nearly as much of a priority as I ought to, and I really lost interest in it. So, I’m not going to complete it (as there’s no way I can in the next week, and I have no desire to drag this out to summer and beyond). Plus, I start my full-time-ness at Checkerboard a week from tomorrow. So, I’ll be taking a course in the Summer and another in the Fall to complete my degree. It’s not ideal, but I think it’s the best plan.

Immediate Plans

Bedtime. Sleepsleep.

Summer Travelling

asks, are you going to Costa Rica?

Yes. and I are going on a trip with a team from Charlton Baptist Church in conjunction with Christ for the City International. We’ll probably be doing some construction work, working with children, and other random things that we don’t know yet. I’ve gone twice before (in the summers of 1999 and 2002), and it’s a very rewarding experience. The people there are so amazingly friendly and fun to be with. We’ll be leaving on July 31 and coming back on August 9. We need to raise over $2000 for the two of us to go, so if you want to help send us away for a week by making a donation, contact me and I’ll send you details.

Homework & Gaming

I managed to spend a few hours today working on my research project. Hopefully I can get more done tomorrow.

I also started organizing our calendar and contacts in Outlook, in the hopes that we’ll be able to import them into the Palm when it arrives.

Tonight we went to the Wedge for gaming. I played Apples to Apples, Set, and Vinci. Had much fun. I look forward to my tournament next week.

But now time to go to bed. Tomorrow is time for more homework.

Little over a week left to go…

There is no way that my Research project will be done in time… *sigh*

We decided on and ordered a PDA today. We’re getting the Palm Zire 21. It’s rather low-end for a PDA, but we think it’ll meet our needs. If I find that I really wish it did really cool things (have a microphone, play movies, have a 802.11b connection, have a USB port to plug my keyboard into, etc…), then we’ll get a fancy one for me and can have this one. But for now, this calendar-in-a-pocket will suffice.

And after supper, hopefully I’ll get some of my research done…

Happy Project Presentation Day!

While it doesn’t apply to me, I wanted to wish everyone (particularly those involved) a happy Project Presentation Day. While other schools get days like Martin Luther King Day and Patriot’s Day off, WPI undergrads get off exactly 5: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New-Year/Holiday break, Project Presentation Day, and Academic Advising Day.

I found a good summary of my work’s company goals initiative. (Note: this is an exaggeration. How much so is up to the reader.)

I didn’t get much accomplished this morning except for a nap. However, now I feel great! So, I’m gonna have lunch (the calzone I didn’t eat last night) and then get some research done!