Random Life Update

  • Last weekend’s prerelease was rather disappointing with the new prereleases-everywhere format. Attendance was extremely below our expectations, and a lot of the players seemed rather unhappy with the changes as well. Hopefully, Wizards will wise up and figure out a better approach.
  • I bought a Super Nintendo at a yard sale over the summer, and I finally bothered to hook it up and it works great. I thought that we still had a bunch of games for it at my parents’ house, but apparently they got rid of them at a Historical Society Yard Sale at some point. So, I’m slowly working on buying controllers and games on eBay. But if anybody has any old SNES stuff they’d like to get rid of, let me know.
  • Speaking of getting rid of stuff, we may be selling off portions of our Magic card collection that are worth anything soon. To a large extent, the cards are just sitting around our bedroom taking up space. If anyone’s looking for anything in particular (like Judge foils?) before we sell it to a store, let me know.
  • Hannah ate her first “solid” food yesterday evening. (That is, baby-rice-cereal-mixed-with-breast-milk.) She did a wonderful job with it.
  • I’ll be head judging a PTQ at TJ Collectibles on October 18.

Google now has my road

Google Maps recently added our road. It uses it in its directions. I guess we’ve finally made it onto the real map.

The road really requires a vehicle designed for off-roading, so I highly recommend avoiding it when driving.

I think I may need to put up a sign saying to ignore computerized directions sending you down that way. We already get the occasional person following GPS directions. If we continue to get in more mapping databases, we’ll get more and more people.

I’m thrilled at the official recognition of the road. However, it needs to be flagged as “only for walking, biking, horses, and vehicles designed for rugged terrain” or somesuch in people’s databases, or there’ll be a lot of unhappy people in stuck cars.

Buying money to make money

The U.S. Mint is offering a wonderful program, where they offer sets of 250 $1 coins for $250, charged to a credit card, with free shipping. I just bought the maximum-currently-available of $2500 worth (2 sets of $250 for each of 5 presidents) with my cash-back credit card. I intend to deposit it all (maybe all except $25-$50 in coins to spend) in my bank as soon as it comes in. Between (1) the cash back on the item, (2) having the money in my checking account for roughly a month earning 4% interest, and (3) hitting the threshold for the much higher cash back tier a few months earlier, I expect to make north of $100 on the deal, for very little work.

Plus, it seems like a fun thing to try doing.

Shards of Alara Prerelease

This weekend for the Shards of Alara Prerelease, I’ll be the head judge at:

This prerelease is working rather different from previous ones, in that there are a lot more locations. TJ Collectibles has 8 event locations this weekend. So, things should be interesting. I’m looking forward to a fun weekend.

State Primary Day

Today is the day of the Massachusetts State Primary, the third of this year’s 4 elections. (There are 4 in Massachusetts towns, at least. I think Cities use a different schedule for their municipal elections.) The purpose of primaries is to whittle down choices such that we as a society don’t end up with two people with similar views going against one person with opposing views, leading to the possibility that the the one person would win when people were in fact okay with either of the two people with similar views.

Now, something like Approval voting or some other more complicated system of voting might be a better system in general. But for now, we have parties and primaries. It may not be the best system, but it’s not horrible.

The previous state primary in 2006 was quite interesting for my district, as there were 5 Democrats and 2 Republicans running for State Representative. This year is much less interesting, with no contested Republican races and 1 contested Democratic race (but not contested for State Representative).

But, if you’re in Massachusetts, I encourage you to look at your ballot and vote anyway. Feel free to write people in. There might even be more contested races in your district.

Random Life Update

  • Last weekend, I head judged a Magic PTQ with 161 players, which is rather large for this type of event, and the second-largest event I’ve ever head judged. There was a lot to do (including dealing with a table collapse), but our staff dealt with it rather well.
  • A few weeks ago, we signed up with Netflix, primarily to continue watching Star Trek past the Next Generation series. I’m quite impressed with the service so far.
  • We’re continuing to go monthly to Scrabble night at the Charlton Library. We may look at going to a more competitive event at some point (primarily for Jessi’s benefit).
  • For the Shards of Alara prerelease, I’ll be head judging at some store in New Hampshire (I don’t know the name or specific location offhand) on Saturday the 27th, and at Rising Phoenix Games on Sunday the 28th, as part of the TJ Collectibles network of prereleases.
  • I have Jury Duty in 4 weeks.
  • Hannah is growing quickly. She can stand with support, and smiles when she sees me, and I’m sure that before long she’ll have the run of the house. She started sleeping in her own room last week.