Random Life Update

  • Last Saturday, I judged half a day at the Magic Prerelease at TJ Collectibles, and Jessi got to play. The half a day thing really worked out well for us.
  • This coming Saturday is the annual town elections, although there seems to have been hardly any interest in them in town. There are just a handful of signs about town, there’s hardly any coverage in the newspapers, and it just generally feels like there’s not much interest. I predict low turnout. Hopefully, that will be good for the challengers, but I tend to doubt it.
  • Coming up later in May is the Magic Regional Championships, where I’ll be head judging the Southern New England event in Connecticut. This is one of the largest tournaments (players-wise) of the year, and it’s generally an interesting event. Although, it of course won’t be as large as Grand Prix Boston coming up this August.

Happy Tax Day

While I (and many others) got my taxes filed long ago, when most Americans think of April 15, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s the day that income tax returns are due.

So, in honor of today, here’s a link to IRS Form 1040 for the tax year 1913. I, at least, found it somewhat interesting. (It’s likely some sort of reproduction seeing as the PDF hadn’t been invented at that time, and it doesn’t look like a scan, but it’s posted on the IRS web site, so I assume that it’s representative of the real thing.)

Random Life Update

  • I judged at the Epic 5K on Mar. 28, and while I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was, I had a good time and learned a lot about the game. We had 99 players, which exceeded expectations, so that’s a good sign for the game.
  • I did leave a bit early as I was feeling sick, which lasted for a few days. That wasn’t fun.
  • As a thanks for judging, I received a promotional Epic card. I decided that it should be my first item to attempt to sell on eBay. It seems to be going well so far.
  • Hannah continues to grow quickly. I’ve got to get around to posting pictures sometime.
  • The Telegram today reports that MassDEP has approved the Southbridge Industrial Park access road that comes from Rte. 169 (and thus not through our land). So, it seems likely that Southbridge will continue with the project. One never knows with these things, though.