House Building Update

Last Saturday, we picked out our appliances and lighting fixtures. Jessi will have three ovens (An oven with another oven instead of a pan-drawer, and a combo microwave/convection oven over the stove). This pleases her immensely.

Today, the drywall is being installed, and the cabinets are being ordered.

Tomorrow, coverage starts on our homeowners insurance. Apparently, we should have had it a long time ago, but nobody told us and made sure we did.

Sometime soon, paperwork from Verizon ought to come so that we, my parents, and the person who owns the land across the street from us can give Verizon rights to put their wires on our properties.

I think we’re still a few weeks out from moving in, but it’s getting closer all the time…

Interesting Turns of Events

It turns out that there are some places that the town clerk didn’t search before, and in 1955, Charlton Town Meeting discontinued Berry Corner Rd., from Ayers Rd. to the Sturbridge town line, from being a town road. Had we discovered this much earlier in the process, this all would have been much more difficult. However, finding it now, they can’t retroactively revoke our right to build, and it’ll be easier to get telephone poles put in because they’ll just need permission from us, and not from the town. So I guess things are going alright with it, it’s just… odd.

In other news, I ran my first qualifier for the North American Challenge at Card Stop in Dudley. We had 11 people, which is the most we’ve ever had for a tournament there. A very talented player who drove in from Boston ended up winning. Jessi came in 3rd.

House Building Update

Drywall is expected to be delivered late this week, so it looks like the internals of the house may be done in just a few weeks.

The main problem, as one might expect, is with Verizon. They need to put a telephone pole on our part of Berry Corner Rd. in order to give us power and data lines. However, they hadn’t realized that it’s a town road, so they hadn’t started the process of asking the town for permission to place the pole. (That involves a public hearing, with probably registered mail to the abutters and such. Luckily, the abutters probably won’t have a problem with it. :) They still haven’t been convinced that it’s not a town road yet, but we’re working on it. (We have documentation from the Charlton town clerk.) But it could be 6 weeks before we get our power and data lines in.


So, LJ has recently announced a new feature where you can categorize your posts with tags, which people can then use to find related items and such. It seems like a nice idea. So, I’ve gone through a lot of my postings and added some tags that might help. Let me know if you think that some additional categorization of my postings might be helpful.