And on the list of top things you don’t want to hear from your email provider…

Apparently my email provider accidentally rigged up their virus scanner such that after scanning incoming email, instead of delivering it to the next step of mail processing for delivery, it got forwarded to /dev/null instead. This occurred with incoming email “from circa 12/23 11am ET to 12/24 12pm ET”.

If anyone sent me an email during that time, I’d appreciate you resending it.

What’s in a number?

On more than one occasion, people have mentioned things like “I
have your cell number,” thinking that our phone number (774-490-7314)
was a cell number instead of a home number. My only guess is that
since the area code is 774, and the numbers Verizon gives land lines
are still in the 508 area code (I think), that it must be a phone number that
isn’t a land line, and thus a cell number. (Verizon owns most of the
508 area code, leaving the newer overlapping 774 number for newer
phone companies, like our VoIP provider.)

But it really strikes me as odd that people parse phone numbers like
that. Certainly it used to be possible to parse a number to get a
physical location, which was useful for determining toll charges. But
nowadays, with cell phones, VoIP lines, and number portability between
locations and phone providers, the number has to just be an arbitrary
10-digit string. You can’t tell what device or devices a given number
might ring, since it’s so easily changeable.

It might not help matters that someone can call our number, leave
us a voice mail, I get the email notification from our phone provider,
and I quickly call them back from work. I think some people/businesses
we deal with *still* think we have a cell phone.

What’s in a .name?

It continues to amaze me how often people get confused when I tell
them that my email address is I’ve
received comments like “You mean,” and “What’s .name?”. I
had some issues setting things up with my hosting company since they
hadn’t handled a .name domain before.

The .name top-level-domain has been around for 3 years now, with
planning for it several years prior to that. What do people expect a
personal domain to end with? Am I really the only person who uses

Another Magic tournament report

Yesterday, Jessi and I went to a Magic Grand Prix Trial with a Ravnica sealed deck format. Out of 40 players, Jessi came in 25th, but I went 4–2, coming in 10th, just missing the Top 8 booster draft. But I won more than I lost, and I did good enough to be in the prizes. It’s boosted my confidence in playing Magic enough that I think we’re going to take a short vacation to play in Grand Prix Richmond the first weekend of February. It should be fun at least, as there are a lot of events there, even if we don’t win anything.