Random Life Update

  • Peter’s posterior tongue-tie got corrected yesterday. He went through the procedure well (it’s really a rather simple procedure), and has more tongue movement now. It still remains to be seen if it’ll help him breastfeed.
  • I’ll be judging the Magic Worldwake prerelease in Hartford on January 30, and I’ll be judging a variety of Magic events at PAX Boston in March.
  • Hannah’s learning new words and skills every day. It’s really quite amazing to watch.
  • I’m very excited that Scott Brown has a shot at winning the Senate seat. I don’t agree with him on everything, but he’ll be much better than the alternative.

2009 in review

When I look back at 2009, the thing that most sticks out in my mind is the number of health issues our family has had. I’ve had some colds, Shingles, and Swine Flu. Jessi had gestational diabetes and gall bladder attacks while carrying Peter. Hannah had an infection which lead to being on antibiotics as a precaution for most of the year, and probably for most of this year as well. Peter didn’t want to nurse (likely due to posterior tongue-tie) and had jaundice and lost a significant amount of weight before finally getting back to birth weight yesterday. And those were just the most significant issues.

So, in many ways, I’m glad 2009 is over. But, it hasn’t been all bad. I got appointed as Moderator in May. Our son was born and is mostly healthy. And, I kept my job and I know people with much worse health concerns. Things could have been much worse. But, I sure hope that 2010 is better.