Charlton Town Elections

I made a phone call to the Town Clerk this morning to see who’s taken out nomination papers so far.

Joseph Szafarowicz took out papers to run for selectman against Mr. Boria. He’s the person who ran unsuccessfully for selectman against Mr. Swensen last year.

A Joshua Evans has taken out papers to run for Moderator against me.

I expect to turn in my nomination papers to the town hall this evening. This could be a very interesting ballot in May.

Edit: fixed Mr. Szafarowicz’s last name

Random Life Update

  • Well, 2010 hasn’t been much kinder in the health department so far. A few weeks ago, Hannah, Jessi, and I were sick with something for a couple days, and this week my wife and I have had a cold/cough/sore-throat that hasn’t been fun.
  • On the plus side, last week Peter decided that he would start breastfeeding regularly after all. This is very good news.
  • This week, I officially took out nomination papers to get elected as Moderator at the upcoming May 1 election. I have about a month to collect 44 signatures from registered voters of Charlton. I’m also contemplating officially creating a campaign committee, but I may wait and see if the race will be contested first.
  • This weekend, for our Valentine’s weekend date, my wife and I will be attending a Magic Judge draft. The premise is that some people will be playing and some will be judging, and the people playing are going to try to cheat in various ways to see if the people judging can catch them. It’s a training exercise that sounds like a lot of fun.
  • And speaking of judging, I’m definitely looking forward to judging at PAX East. Tentatively, I’ll be on the evening shift on Friday and Saturday. I should have some time there to enjoy the rest of the show when I’m not on duty, too. I only wish that my wife could come.