Random Life Update

  • At last Tuesday’s selectmen’s meeting, they said that they would be taking letters of interest in the position of Town Moderator for the week, and make a decision at a meeting tonight. (At an unusual meeting time and place for them, but I think that its main purpose is to go over the proposed budget with the finance committee.) So, I may get appointed tonight, especially if I’m the only person in town that wants the job. The Annual Town Meeting is next Monday.
  • On Saturday, at a yard sale, I picked up an interesting-looking game, titled “Star Trek: The Next Generation: Interactive VCR Game: A Klingon Challenge”. It’s for 3-6 players, and I get the impression from a quick glance through the rules that it’d work better with closer to 6 than closer to 3. Would people be interested in coming over sometime to try it?
  • We’ll probably be waiting until Star Trek XI comes out on Netflix before watching it. Please be kind and don’t spoil us until we’ve seen it.
  • Hannah turns 1 on Friday. She may end up walking unassisted by then. But if not, I’m sure it’ll be shortly thereafter.
  • Last Monday, we had our first prenatal checkup for our newest Baby, and they took an ultrasound to verify the age. I haven’t gotten around to scanning it in yet, though. And no, we’re not having twins.

2 thoughts on “Random Life Update

  1. I had a copy of Klingon Challenge. Its pretty fun, but definitely something you want to have a solid grasp of the rule of before you start playing.

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