House building update

Latest news from my dad today is that it looks like they’ve just about finished improvements to our segment of Berry Corner Rd. so that the cement truck can come through and poor the footing for the foundation. It’s nice to finally see things progressing after the months of waiting for things.

In sad news, I’m sick today :(

House building update with *pictures*!

Jessi and I got to see the work done on digging our foundation so far. There’s a lot done in just the couple days they’ve been working. They’re working on the drainage for the road, they’ve flattened out the hills, and they’ve dug a cellar hole. Hopefully, they’ll start pouring the cement for the footing for the foundation this week.

I took pictures!


I randomly checked my bank account online, and apparently a deposit of $13,674 was made to my checking account today. I called the bank, but they have yet to get back to me as to why.

(It looks like it was a disbursement from my construction loan, so it’s not really free money. It’s just… odd.)

The check is in the mail!

After a couple years of waiting for people and governments, our house will actually get started soon! The bank put some money from the loan in our checking account today, so I wrote the builder the check for 10% of the cost so that he can get started! It should arrive on Saturday if the Post Office is efficient (which I don’t really expect, but is possible), which should mean that groundbreaking could start as early as next week!

Joy and happiness! We’re gonna have a house! We’re gonna have a house!