Political Asperation & Home Network Update

I’ve decided not to run for Town Moderator. I don’t want to run as a write-in candidate against somebody who’d I’d be happy to have in there.

In other news, I drew a network diagram today, just to make sure I knew what IPs were where in our increasingly-complicated home network. (The router for VoIP adds another layer of NATing, and there’s now the cable-modem-to-phone-router subnet, the phone-router-to-PCPC subnet, and the main home subnet.)

Random Life Update

Online tracking information indicates high probability of me getting my voice-over-IP box today. I’m excited to play with that and cancel my traditional phone service.

I’ve now read through Town Meeting Time: a Handbook of Parliamentary Law, a book so tough to get that even Amazon doesn’t carry it. (The Charlton Public Library does, however.)

If news reports tonight and tomorrow confirm nobody is officially on the ballot running for Charlton Town Moderator, I’ll likely officially announce my candidacy as a write-in candidate to the press (or at least to the Charlton Gazette for inclusion in their April candidate profiles).

House Building Update

Here’s the news from my mom:

Dad called to find out about your building permit. He was told it was
not ready, and it has a date stamp of March 4th (even though he has a
receipt dated February 7th). The building inspector had some kind of
accident and broke his ribs, so they don’t know when he’ll be back at
work. Dad tried to call the builder, to see if he can push something
along, since there is a part-time associate building inspector, but
there was no answer. The good news is, your address is 194 Berry
Corner Road.

Internet Phone

I took the plunge and ordered Vonage, to make calls over the Internet for much cheaper than a regular phone line. Our new phone number is (774)-490-7314, which we’ll be taking with us when we move to Charlton. However, since we don’t have the hardware for it yet, that phone number will just redirect to our regular phone line for the time being. The number is based in Sturbridge, so my parents and friends in the Charlton area will be able to call us as a local call, even while we’re still in Worcester. It’s pretty nifty.

If anyone else wants to sign up, let me know so I can send you a refer-a-friend code, which’ll give each of us a month free, I think.