Gaming and Schooling Upcomingness

So, it’s Fall, using the definition that Fall begins when School begins. Gaming weekend is coming up, which I’m quite excited about. Everyone should come to WPI this weekend.

After this weekend, I start my Last Class Ever for my Master’s degree. I didn’t particularly want any of the courses offered this semester, but then I saw CS 503. I think I already know most of the content in it from my undergraduate courses, but (a) I haven’t taken a graduate course on CS theory of languages, (b) I’m interested in the topic, and (c) I want an easy course since I’m taking it while doing work full-time. I have BS/MS credit for the course that it’s a prerequisite for, but not for this course, so it looks like I can take it, hopefully easily ace it, and be done with my degree. Assuming, of course, that the professor doesn’t kick me out on the first day of class because the course would be so easy for me that he refuses to give me credit for it.

Sleepless night :(

So, we went to Wedge Gaming last night, which was good since we got to play games and see All Sorts Of People who we haven’t seen for the summer, plus meet some new freshmen.

And then we went home. We started trying to sleep at about 10:30 or 11, but the people upstairs were playing Loud Obnoxious Music, which made sleeping very difficult. Eventually, at about 1:30, Jessi was kind enough to go upstairs and ask them nicely to turn it down a bit. Quite kindly, they did. Unfortunately, our sleep schedules got interrupted enough that we couldn’t get back to sleep. So we’ve been tired but unable to sleep since then, and have been playing around on the computer and just generally Wasting Time. (Jessi continued her adventure in Black & White, which runs much better on our new computer than on her old one.)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to take a nap sometime today…

And if you have any interest in Magic: the Gathering, and you’re somewhat near Worcester, don’t forget my tournament next Saturday afternoon. It’s looking like it’ll be a real fun time for all.

Shiny new fun, plus movie report

PeteJessi have shiny new computer! Is pretty, is fast, has 19 inch flat-panel (which is rotatable to portrait mode, has USB ports, has attached speakers). PeteJessi very very happy.

Tuesday night we watched Revelation, which is part of a Christian what-happens-in-the-end-times movie put out by the people who made the Left Behind series, although it’s a separate series all its own. Anyway, I found one climatic scene just really neat: The Good Guys are trying to upload a virus into the Bad Guys’ mainframe, which is of course running the traditional Movie OS. When the virus upload is at 97% or so, a Bad Guy comes into the room, frantically tries to find which computer in the lab is uploading the virus, and frantically tries to stop it. After the standard abort sequence doesn’t work, he attempts to destroy the computer. He pushes the monitor off the desk. It disconnects, falls to the floor, and cracks. The image on the monitor stays, and moves to showing the process 98% complete. (There is presumably a supernatural force involved here.)

It’s just something that’s so horribly not-what-your-brain-is-expecting that it takes it a minute to realize just how wrong it is.

Another Life Status Update

  • We’re getting a fancy new computer. A Dell Dimension XPS, 19 inch flat panel, fun fun fun. It’s scheduled to arrive next week.
  • I am in fact planning on running a Magic tournament at WPI SFS Gaming Weekend the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. (More Details)
  • I start my final grad class this fall, starting after Labor day.
  • Today’s a day for relaxing. It’s nice to have those every once in a while.

Life Status Report

Whew. I’ve been busy. Some recent life highlights:

  • Last week, and I went to Costa Rica on a trip with our church. We got a lot of stuff done on a recreation area for children in an extremely poor city, worked with children, and had a wonderful experience.
  • My boss announced today that he was quitting, effective today. It was quite surprising news.
  • I received my official notification today that I am now a Level 1 Judge for Magic: the Gathering. I took the test 3 months ago, and the paperwork has now gone through and made me Official.
  • I’m contemplating running another Magic tournament during SFS Gaming Weekend at the beginning of WPI’s A-term. It’ll likely be either Sealed Deck or a Booster Draft, and I’m trying to figure out the details.