Networking Blues

Apparently, our electrician doesn’t know an RJ-45 jack from a hole in the wall, and networking the whole house wasn’t really in the original contract, so apparently we’re going to be on our own for the final networking. The cables are all there; we just need to hook it all into jacks.

Anybody want to come to a networking party? We’ll feed you! I’ll even pay you if you know what you’re doing.

Interest and Taxes

So, now that I’m kinda grown up and got a mortgage and such, I’ve been spending time putting together a budget to make sure everything works out, especially now that I have some concrete numbers for the mortgage. When doing the budget in Microsoft Money, it helpfully gives a pie graph of where our expenses are going. I noticed that a very large chunk of it was going toward our mortgage interest. It was about 20% of our monthly expenses. (Especially near the beginning of the loan, the vast majority of the payment is just paying off interest.)

And then, I noticed that over 28% of our expenses were taxes. Wow.

A mortgage just feels so big, it really puts the taxes in perspective.

Life Update

The house is continuing to come along, slowly but surely. The carpets are in, the wood floors are being finished, and the appliances should be arriving early next week. This weekend, we’ll be moving in many things from my parents’ garage. Some things will probably be in their actual location, but many things will likely end up being in our garage.

Also this weekend is Charlton Baptist Church’s Free Market. Jessi and I will be helping out there. Stop by there in the morning, say hello, and pick up something free.

Next weekend (Sept. 24 and 25th) is the Magic Ravnica: City of Guilds prerelease. We’ll be going to the one in Connecticut on Saturday, and I’ll be judging there. We haven’t decided whether or not to go to the Boston one on Sunday. (Connecticut’s is only on Saturday, while Boston’s is both days.)