The best birthday present I could ask for

Last Friday, December 11, 2009, 27 years to the day after I was born, our son decided that it was time to come out and see the world. His name is Peter Sidney Cooper, III. He was born at 12:46 A.M., weighed in at 7 lbs. 8.1 oz. (3405 g), and was 20½ in. in length.

Of course, everyone really just wants to see pictures:

Peter, Mommy, Daddy, and big sister Hannah are all doing well, though Mommy and Daddy are rather tired.

Random Life Update

  • At last Tuesday’s selectmen’s meeting, they said that they would be taking letters of interest in the position of Town Moderator for the week, and make a decision at a meeting tonight. (At an unusual meeting time and place for them, but I think that its main purpose is to go over the proposed budget with the finance committee.) So, I may get appointed tonight, especially if I’m the only person in town that wants the job. The Annual Town Meeting is next Monday.
  • On Saturday, at a yard sale, I picked up an interesting-looking game, titled “Star Trek: The Next Generation: Interactive VCR Game: A Klingon Challenge”. It’s for 3-6 players, and I get the impression from a quick glance through the rules that it’d work better with closer to 6 than closer to 3. Would people be interested in coming over sometime to try it?
  • We’ll probably be waiting until Star Trek XI comes out on Netflix before watching it. Please be kind and don’t spoil us until we’ve seen it.
  • Hannah turns 1 on Friday. She may end up walking unassisted by then. But if not, I’m sure it’ll be shortly thereafter.
  • Last Monday, we had our first prenatal checkup for our newest Baby, and they took an ultrasound to verify the age. I haven’t gotten around to scanning it in yet, though. And no, we’re not having twins.

Hannah Jane Cooper

Jessi and I are proud to announce that Hannah Jane Cooper arrived right on schedule yesterday, May 15, 2008, at 10:01pm.

Statistics about her at birth that people often ask:
Weight: 8 pounds, 2 ounces (or to be specific and metric, 3678 grams)
Length: 20¾ inches (or 52.5 centimeters)
Hair: Lots, brown
Eyes: Dark (blue?)

Hannah, Mommy, and Daddy are doing well, although tired (as one might expect). Mommy and Hannah should be coming home from the hospital Saturday night or Sunday morning.

But the hospital doesn’t care about me, and won’t even feed me, so I came home to get some food, get some sleep (possibly my last good night of sleep for quite some time), get a change of clothes, and attend a church annual business meeting (primarily to let the people there know). I’ll of course be going back in the morning.

And everyone loves large JPEGs:
Picture #1
Picture #2
Picture #3

January 2008 Update

Interesting events in January, past and present:

  • January 1: While at the annual New Year’s party and my aunt and uncle’s large house in Middlefield, MA, my wife tumbles down a flight of stairs while carrying our luggage. “Luckily”, she landed mainly on her head and shoulders. She and Baby seem to be doing just fine despite the experience, although Jessi did suffer a pulled rotator cuff in her right shoulder which is slowly healing.
  • January 8: I stopped by the town hall on my way home from work to get information on an upcoming public hearing on the town’s contact with Charter Communications. I would like to send in my comments ahead of time, as well as attend the hearing. I may even try to get on one of the Cable Committees in town at some point.
  • January 19-20: The Morningtide Prerelease. I’m scheduled to be the Head Judge on Day 2, which will be the largest number of players I’ve ever head judged for at once.
  • January 29: The aforementioned public hearing on Charter.