Upcoming Judging

  • This Saturday, October 27: Head Judge of 2007 Standard Connecticut State Championship
  • November 3: Judge at a PTQ in Milford, MA
  • November through February: Running Rising Phoenix Games City Champs Qualifiers (Where you can qualify for Worlds if you’re really good: Top 8 in the City Champs Qualifier series get an invite to the store City Champs Finals, top 2 from that get an invite to the Boston City Champs Finals, top 1 from that gets an invite to Nationals and 2nd through 8th get byes at Regionals, top 4 from Regionals get invites to Nationals, and top 4 from Nationals get invites to Worlds.)
  • November 18: Running a Northeast Challenge Qualifier at Rising Phoenix Games (Where you can win a car: Top 2 from this event qualify to play in the Northeast Challenge at Worlds, top 8 from that qualify to play in the Win a Car Tournament at Worlds.)
  • December 1: Head Judge of PTQ in Stratford, CT
  • December 6–9: Worlds. I’m not planning on judging at Worlds (partly since it’s the busy season at work, and partly since I don’t want to pay for staying in New York City). But, I would like to test for being a Level 2 Area Trainer Judge (That is, gain the ability to test judges for Level 1), so I may show up at some point and connect with judges and try to test for that.


Today, Paramount re-releases the Star Trek: The Next Generation Series on DVD as part of TNG’s 20th anniversary. While I’ve considered buying the series in the past, this (plus the price coming down) is what finally convinced me to order it. Depending on how quick Amazon’s free shipping option is, it should arrive sometime over the next couple weeks.

Would anybody be interested in a weekly viewing of TNG at our house? I guess this would be the first step in my goal of at some point running a complete (and I mean complete) Star Trek TUB.