Parents and press can’t view school gay forum

I mentioned earlier this month that Newton North High School was going to host a “Transgender Bisexual Gay & Lesbian Awareness Day”. I recently read Article 8’s take on the event. Apparently, some parents and a reporter got kicked out “for the safety of the students”, when all they wanted to do was record what the childen were being exposed to. And of course, it’s not clear that the parents got much of an indication of the what the event was about ahead of time.

Feel free to comment, discuss, or ignore.

More Fun & Adventures

This weekend, we went out to New York State to see Jessi’s extended family for Christmas. It was an enjoyable good time, with presents, food, visiting, cookies, and lots and lots of food. We left on Thursday afternoon and came back on Monday afternoon. Jessi got quite sick on the way home, which wasn’t much fun, but luckily it was just a 24-hour-or-so bug possibly caused by something she ate. We stayed at Jessi’s parents’ house last night while Jessi recovered, and watched 50 First Dates, which was quite entertaining and touching.

Today, we’ve spent most of the day playing in a huge Magic Online Christmas Champions of Kamigawa Sealed Deck tournament. I was rather happy with my 6–3 performance putting me in 34th place out of the 255 players, although I just narrowly missed winning 6 packs for being in the top 32. (Side rant: Prizes ought to be given out by match record, not by ranking. Those with 6–3 rankings spanned from 21st through 43rd place, and it seems kinda silly to only pay prizes to half of them.) It gives me a bit of confidence in my playing ability, as I thought my playing skills had declined since I’ve been taking up judging events. (Especially as I was on a horrible losing streak in the couple real-life tournaments I’ve been to lately.) So, it looks like I can still occasionally win some matches, which makes me happy.

While we were playing, the plumber came to fix our tub, so our shower now drains! Yay!

Tomorrow, we go to my parents’ house to have Christmas there, and to pick up our pets that they’ve been petsitting.

I’ve made a name for myself

After considering my options for quite some time, I decided that since I’m leaving WPI and want to run my own Internet site for mail and such, that I’d go register my own domain name. I’ll run my own mail and web server, and if Charter complains I’ll deal with it then. (I may in fact want a business account, as I may in fact run a (very) small business out of my home someday.)

So, my email address, likely for the rest of my life, is now Jessi’ll get an address there eventually, too. I’ll eventually put a real web site on my home box, too.

Random Life Update

I’m having trouble sleeping again tonight, likely at least in part due to this persistent cough that’s leftover from my cold. *sigh*

I played in an Unhinged booster draft at Wedge gaming tonight. It was much fun. I came in 2nd place, and got most of the rest of what I need to have a complete set. All that’s left for me to collect is Staying Power, Super Secret Tech, and ideally a completely-blank-with-silver-border filler card that I saw existed when someone opened one at the tournament I ran last week.

In other news, I’m running a Standard Constructed event at Card Stop in Dudley next Thursday (the 16th) at 6:30pm.

I received a nice letter today, starting “Your mortgage loan application for property located at 190 Berry Corner Road, Charlton, MA has been approved…”. Of course, the property isn’t really at 190 Berry Corner, since that’s my parents’ address, but it doesn’t have a number yet since we need to loan to build the house so we can get a number. Hopefully, that won’t cause too many screw-ups. I’ll try calling them to see if we can get it changed.

Today (the 11th, even though I haven’t gone to sleep yet) is my birthday. My age is now a palindrome.