Upcoming weekend

I seem to only be updating this thing on weekends now. During the week tends to be fairly unnoteworthy, but here’s a couple highlights of my week so far:

  • Got stuff accomplished at work
  • Fingerworks released new firmware for my keyboard, which includes XWinder support under Windows 2000. Much happiness!
  • We received word that our Costa Rica trip is now fully sponsored and paid for. We have all the money we need. Much happiness again!
  • On Thursday, I attended the Magic Online Birthday Party, during which I entered two 8th-ed drafts and got to the semi-finals in each one. That means that I paid 3 packs to get in and won 2 packs in each of them, so between that and the cards that I drafted I think I about broke even. It was fun.
  • On Friday, I went over to the in-laws with Jessi and we had supper with her parents. We then went to Prof. Yang’s house (she’s one of Jessi’s professors) and watched Crossfire, a 1947 murder mystery movie. It was quite enjoyable, although I found it difficult to keep track of the many characters.

Plans for the rest of this weekend:

  • We’re going back to the in-laws to go Garage Saling with them. We’ll spend the morning looking for treasure amongst things people no longer want.
  • After that, we’re going over to my parents’ for lunch. We’re celebrating Jessi & me’s 1st anniversary, which is coming up on Monday.
  • At some point, I need to work on my homework.
  • I’d like to finish setting up my home network for VPN connection to work. I established a connection yesterday, but I want to get DNS and my firewall rules set up.
  • I’m going to be giving a 10–20 minute talk at Campus Ambassadors on Tuesday. (7:00 at Dowden Hall). This weekend, I have to figure out what I’m going to talk about. I’m currently leaning toward something on evolution (and evidence against it as commonly taught in schools), but I have to figure it out more specifically. People are welcome to come to it if they’d like.

More long-term plans:

  • Looking at the calendar ahead, we have one free Saturday in July. Or are we doing something on the 17th that isn’t on my calendar yet?
  • July 3: Independence Day party at my parents’ place
  • July 10: Wedding shower for our friend Jen from CA
  • July 10: LAN Party at Adam’s
  • July 24: Jessi takes her teacher’s test
  • July 31: We leave for Costa Rica. We plan on being back August 9.

Weekend Festivities

So, Friday evening my wife and I helped out at BattleCry @ WPI 5 by being the Guardians Of The Food (collecting tickets) and my helping reset the field. This year’s game involves a holding bin of 18 dodgeball-type balls above each alliance station, and filling them each match can get a bit tiring and challenging. But it was much fun.

Saturday morning we went to Battlecry to help out more. Then we went home, got changed, and went to ‘s wedding. It was quite lovely. Then, we went home, I changed again, and we went shopping at Wal-Mart. Then Jessi went to the pre-dinner reception while I helped out at the elimination rounds at Battlecry. Our own Team 190 lost in the semi-finals, and the exciting final match was won by teams 181 and 177. Then I went back to the reception to socialize and have dinner. The reception was very yummy and lots of fun. Then Jessi and I went back home.

This morning we went to church as usual, and then we went shopping at Wal-Mart to pick up a few more things, and then we went to Jessi’s parents’ house for lunch and to watch the Millbury Independence Day parade. It was the longest parade I’ve ever seen, lasting a full hour and a half. Then we played a couple games with Jessi’s family (I won a game of hearts by pure luck, and then won a game of Outburst on a team with my father-in-law vs. Jessi, her mom, and her sister).

So, all in all, a very busy weekend. I’m going to bed now.

Week in review

Highlights of this week:

  • I got sick off-and-on for a couple days, feeling nauseous and just generally not-good.
  • I reformatted my computer at work.
  • I came home yesterday to find that my wife had cleaned our apartment. A very significant, complete cleaning. I was very impressed. I’m still not sure I’m in the right apartment.
  • This morning my wife and I went to the church for a Costa Rica Team teambuilding activity: Working on the expansion to the church. More accurately, we were mostly working on taking apart a large chunk of roof that had been removed from the existing building. Apparently, we’re not going to be needing that particular chunk anymore.

Most insane game of Magic in recent memory

Jessi and I decided to play our own Sealed Deck game with the packs she had won at the prerelease. We each took 4 packs, built a deck from them, and played.

The first game I don’t really remember that well, but she won.

The second game was insane. At the end of the game, I had 356 life to my wife’s 2. However, I did not win. She won because she had a Condescend to answer my Beacon of Immortality so I ran out of cards.

Jessi rolls surprise check… critical success!

I recieved a phone call at work today from my wife. Everything was okay, but someone had tried to break into our apartment. “Luckily”, she heard the commotion and went to check it out, which caused the breaker-and-enterer to flee once he realized that the apartment was in fact occupied. Nothing was taken, we are both fine, and the only thing broken was the lock on the door (which was quickly replaced with a stronger one by our wonderful landlord). Read the first-hand account.

If anyone lives in the WPI area, I highly suggest being cautious and ensuring that your doors are properly secured. If anyone is planning on living in the WPI area, I highly recommend Broggi Realty as a landlord. Whenever we’ve had a problem (key locked inside apartment, heat broken, hot water broken, dryer broken, door broken), the landlord has been right on top of things.

In other news, we went to the first part of our Costa Rica team retreat today. This weekend, we will be team-building in preparation for our trip.

Random update

I haven’t updated in a few days, but I’m not completely certain if I have anything to say that people would be interested in. So, some random highlights of my life:

  • Went to Grandma’s house for Memorial Day. Ate food, then went with family to play Softball. Our team won 22–20, which mainly shows that none of us can field a ball. But it was fun. Jessi & I are now sore and sunburned.
  • I recently won an 8th-ed draft on Magic Online. I also lost a few drafts in the first round, so I don’t know how much it counts for.
  • Today was Tasty Tuesday at work (yes, I know that it’s Wednesday). Our department was hosting. We brought in much foodness, including some delicious pudding pies that my wife made.