Yesterday through this weekend, plus digital tolls.

Yesterday my wife and I went to the Olive Garden to celebrate our 11 month anniversary. While the food and service was excellent, I threw it back up later that night, so we may not be going back there for our 1-year anniversary next month.

Today was a nice day of relaxation. I played in an 888 Magic draft online (got a really nice black-blue flying deck, snagged some nice rares too, but lost in the first round), we had a leisurely breakfast of sausage and English muffins, and we went grocery shopping.

Earlier this week, I ordered a transponder from EZ-Pass New York for automatic toll-collection on the Mass. Pike and the New York State Thruway. I’d been contemplating it for a while, but it seemed like I didn’t use the toll roads enough to really make it worth while. This past weekend, I went into Boston twice for the Fifth Dawn prerelease, and on one of the trips I gave my money to the collector and left, forgetting to get my change back. I decided that I’ll probably be going East into Boston a few times a year (for the prereleases, and possibly judging other major Magic events, and miscellaneous other things), and be going West a couple times a year (for visiting Jessi’s extended family), so it was probably worth it to get a transponder. I got it from New York instead of Massachusetts because New York gives out the transponders for free, while Massachusetts does not. And since we will be using the New York Thruway occasionally, I feel quite justified in doing so. The transponder arrived yesterday and I applied it on my car today, although I have no immediate plans to use a toll road to test it.

Tonight, we’ll be attending ‘s birthday party at ‘s place. We will be bringing food made.

Tomorrow, we will be going to Church and then to a Memorial Day party at my brother’s fianceé’s family’s place. We will be bringing food made.

Monday, we will be going to my grandma’s house for a Memorial Day party. We may be bringing food made.

Feeling much better

I managed to sleep through last night, and I feel fine today, so it looks like my illness has passed. Life is going pretty good.

Tonight we went shopping for lots and lots of food. I played around on the MTGO beta server in a 7th-ed 8-man draft and won it. I’d post details, but I doubt anyone really cares that much. Too bad it doesn’t count for anything, but it’s good experience. And much fun.

So, it’s off to bed for hopefully another good night’s sleep. Sleep is very useful. Especially when one is tired.

General Unhappiness

Well, I took today off from work because I haven’t been feeling well. Ever since my long days this past weekend playing Magic and getting certified as a judge, I haven’t been able to sleep very well and my stomach has sometimes been bothering me. I feel better now, but still can’t get to sleep :(

During my day off, I spent some time on the Magic Online beta server, doing much better than I’ve ever done in real life when it doesn’t really count for anything. I made top 8 in a 256-player 7th-ed-sealed tournament before the server crashed and decided to never start the top 8 draft. I also watched the season finale of Enterprise. I also tried resting somewhat, because I can tell that I needed it, but as I said, I’m having trouble sleeping.

Hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight and be ready and refreshed for work tomorrow. But somehow I doubt it.


Bringer of the Fifth Dawn

Well, I went to the Fifth Dawn Prerelease this weekend. Saturday I played in 2 32-player tournaments with and Randall. Both times, I won 3 matches and lost 2, which put me just below the line to win prizes. I had fun, though, and Jessi and Randall both won some prizes. Oddly enough, in both tournaments I was paired to play against Jessi, but in both cases I beat her. Yet, she walked away with prizes and I didn’t. That’s how these things work sometimes.

Sunday I went back into Boston to the prerelease to attempt to get certified as a DCI judge. I volunteered as a judge for a couple tournaments there under the supervision of some senior judges, had an interview, took the test, and passed the test with a perfect score. My tester will be recommending me as a judge to the DCI, so it looks like I’ll probably be a certified judge once the paperwork goes through in a month or so. Then I can be even more active in running events at WPI, as well as working at local stores and regional events (such as the next prerelease).

So, I am quite happy. I’m also quite tired, and have work tomorrow, so I now plan to get some much needed rest.

More boring facts; plus an invitation

This week was quite busy. I stayed late at work on Monday and had to go in Thursday night to fix problems. Full-time work takes much more time than part-time work. But, the week is over now, so it is time for the weekend!

We are going to the Fifth Dawn Prerelease tomorrow (More Info). If anyone wants to come with us, meet us in the parking lot of the laundry place and Boomers by the intersection of Highland and Boynton at 8:00am sharp. I don’t know when we’ll be back, or if anyone will read this between now and then, but if you want to get a ride and work on our schedule, and we at least somewhat know you, you’re more than welcome to come with us.

Random Rambling: LJ inadequacies

I ranted on this a little when I first started using LJ, and I’ve mentioned things here and there that bothered me, and some of the things that bothered me got fixed. So, I figured that I’d put my current comprehensive list in one place:

  • While the Friends List aggregates people’s posts, it doesn’t do a good job of showing me what entries and comments are not yet read… I have to wade through the list to find what might interest me, and if there are any unread comments.
  • The spell checker doesn’t understand contractions.
  • The spell checker doesn’t understand HTML.
  • The spell checker doesn’t understand UTF-8 (which is the default). That is, if you type anything that’s not in the ASCII 128-character set, it confuses the spell-checker.
  • Journal entries display local time (Eastern); comments display server time (Pacific).
  • The update journal form sets the time by default to the time that you start updating. I’d prefer it to simply puts in the server time of the time that you post it if you don’t specify a time to override it with. Sometimes I’ll spend hours between starting a post and finishing it because I’m doing other things, and then I sometimes write about those things I’m doing, but each time I finish writing a post I have to go set the time on it to the current time.
  • There’s no way for a visitor to ask a question and/or start a conversation topic on “my” page… Visitors can only comment on what I’ve started. While I’d certainly want this to be an optional feature, there’s something here that seems missing.
  • There’s no easy search feature to grep through your journal (not that I saw, anyway, while trying to construct this post)

Maybe the way I want LJ to work just isn’t how the rest of the world does. Although, for some parts that I want to be different, I don’t have a good description of what it is exactly that I want to change. Perhaps I should look at some of the other logging sites out there to see if I like one of them better. (Google recently launched one.)

Water & Staring at screens

We now have both hot and cold running water. This is a Good Thing™.

I spent my evening eating supper, playing an hour of FF3, and watching Planet of the Apes with my lovely wife. I’ve never actually seen the Apes series before, so it’s nice to finally the first installment of it. We bought the DVD from Wal★Mart shortly after we got married (along with a bunch of other just-moving-in stuff), and finally opened and watched it today.

Tomorrow after work, I plan to catch the second-to-last episode of Enterprise. The series isn’t spectacular, but it’s Star Trek, so I feel a compulsive need to watch it somehow. Anyone’s welcome to come over at 8 if they’d like to watch it with us. Now that my wife is done with her Wednesday class, she’ll get to watch it with us too.

UPN is supposed to announce on May 20 whether or not the show will be back next season (Source). Hopefully our TV will last that long, too—The sound in it has been futzy lately, and it is rather old. We got it from my aunt when we got married because she didn’t need it anymore. I’m hoping it’ll last until we move out of the apartment at least.

More Busyness

So, last weekend and I housesat at ‘s place while he went to his sister’s wedding. It was nice to relax, and nice to have pets for a few days. Their dog was scared of us at first, but had warmed up to us by the end of the weekend. We also got to take advantage of their video collection, and watched Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Left Behind, and Contact. Other memorable events include a game of Scrabble, where I beat my wife by just a few points. I was quite proud of myself for beating an English major.

On Sunday, we attended ‘s graduation with her parents, her sister, and my mom. Nothing particularly exciting occurred there. The night before (Saturday), we went out to the Olive Garden with my parents, and on that night (Sunday), we went out to the 99 with her parents.

Yesterday (Monday) was not one of the best days that I’ve ever had. I awoke to discover that our hot water was no longer hot. I took a quick cold shower, and then proceeded to work, where I stayed busy for 11 hours fixing many various things that were suboptimal with the ordering system I wrote for the Stationery Show that was occurring. I tried leaving once (after only 10 hours or so), but they paged me while I was halfway home telling me to come back. So I did, couldn’t reproduce the problem we were having, and we decided to hold off anything else until morning so that I could go home.

I managed to get home when supper was still warm (a yummy hamburger and mashed potato pie), and then proceeded to have our bible study with Ben & Eileen.

Today was much better. We still don’t have hot water (in fact, I’m not sure we have water at all right now), but it is in the process of being fixed. Not as much was broken at work so I managed to come home after only an 8-hour day. Tonight we have no plans in particular, so I plan to catch up on my relaxing.

Friday & Today

After work Friday, I returned to ‘s place to discover that I had left my keyboard at work and that there wasn’t anything especially interesting around there to have for supper. So, & I went back to West Boylston to retreive my keyboard and go out to supper at PJ’s. We then went to Prof. Yang’s house (she’s one of ‘s professors) to watch a French movie (with English subtitles) titled Amélie. It was good in parts, but seemed to add random gratuitous sex scenes.

Tonight, we’ll be going out to the Olive Garden with my parents to celebrate ‘s graduation.