Pinball machine update

Yesterday I received a nice box of parts that I had ordered, and immediately set on installing many of them as soon as I got home. I installed a new ball shooter, although it doesn’t seem to shoot the ball far/fast enough to go all the way up the skill-shot-entrance-ramp-thingy. I may need to adjust the angle of the playfield or use the spring from the old ball shooter or something. I replaced about 2 dozen lights (I wasn’t keeping a close count), and now there exists much more flashing and prettiness.

Still to do: permanently mount the battery holder I got at Radio Shack so it’s not just nestled in amongst the wires (although that seems to be good enough for now), replace all the rubber rings (I got a new set of them in my box yesterday, it’s just going to be a pain to get to all the areas of the playfield to put them in), solder a few things together, figure out why the drop targets aren’t working at all now (previously only the center target wasn’t working), make a new connector so I can get the upper playfield general illumination working (and I’ll probably need to replace some bulbs there, too), and fixing a couple misc. switches. It’s definitely looking better and better all the time, though.

When do people want to come over and play?