Nomic Quote of the Day

In response to a part of my B Nomic proposal in which I wrote:

An External Force is anything which exists independently of the game. That is, it would still exist if the game stopped existing, and would still exist if the game never started existing.

Another player named Wonko replied:

I think that should be “would still exist if the game *had* never started existing”. As it stands, it implies that “never starting to exist” is something the game might still do.

Which actually might be possible, who knows?

I love Nomic.

Nomic is Fun!

I spent a good chunk of Saturday playing B Nomic, which I’ve been involved with since about the start of the year. For those who haven’t heard me rant and rave about the wonders of Nomics, they’re a type of game, where the gameplay centers around changing how the game is played. You can propose just about any change to the game, which can make for interesting contradictions where you want to vote for a change that you don’t want, or sometimes the game just completely crashes. Usually though, it’s just a fun Internet community where you keep on changing what it is that you’re trying to do.

Some of my major accomplishments on Saturday were proposing transactional support and proposing turning voting into a math equation.

I know that not many people besides me really care, but I’m excited about the game. I like messing with the rules of systems. And if it sounds somewhat interesting to you, too, you should check it (or another Nomic) out and join in the fun!