6 thoughts on “Bizarre question of the day

  1. Heh, yeah… Turing made many positive contributions to the field of computer science. The Turing Test was not one of them.

  2. That’s what I’m finding out. :)

    We seem to have made becoming a player in B Nomic based on being capable of passing a Turing Test. Unfortunately, that might have meant that only machines could have ever played in the game.

    It’s such a poorly defined construct that it’s hard to really use it as a metric for anything.

  3. That rule might not exist if the players never existed to propose or vote on it, however. Even if the rule does exist, there are only a couple people who are still players from before the possible uncertainty.

  4. Near the beginning of the current Era… But the actions resetting the rules at the start of this Era might not have ever happened, as we can only establish a couple of players to definitely have been playing continuously since toward the end of the First Era when there was a Statute of Limitations rule in play…

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