Random Life Update

Today I finally got a chance to check out the completely-redone Charlton Public Library. It’s quite impressive. One interesting note is that due to their snazzy new computer system (they finally have a web-based catalog), they no longer accepted my library card that I got when I was 8. The card has a little metal plate in it that they would stamp onto a due-date card somehow, back in the day. It feels like it’s some sort of rare collector’s item now or something.

Also today, I filled out my first Form 1500.

Bright and early tomorrow morning, my wife and I leave for Gen Con Indy.

Plans for the Dreamblade Championship (at Gen Con) firming up

Jessi is officially on the Dreamblade Championship invitation list with 1177 points and being ranked #321 in the world.

Wizards will in fact be flying me out there to judge, and will be paying for my half of our hotel room. I’ll be working on Thursday (Aug. 16) at the Last Chance Qualifiers, and Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 18–20) on the main event. I have Friday (Aug. 17) free to go see Gen Con. I’m not quite sure what to do that day, since there seem to be a bazillion things going on there.

The Dreamblade adventures continue

Last Sunday, Jessi and I went to Montreal for a Dreamblade 1k event. (There aren’t any more major Dreamblade events in the New England area.) Jessi did quite well, finishing 3rd, earning $100 (which covers part of the cost of the trip up there), and earning enough points to qualify for the Dreamblade $50,000 Championship.

The Championship is at Gen Con Indy in August. So, I guess now we need to figure out how we’re getting there, where we’re staying there, and I’m going to see if I can get sponsored to judge there. But even if I’m not, I think I’ll still go, since Gen Con should be fun regardless.