Charlton Town Elections

I made a phone call to the Town Clerk this morning to see who’s taken out nomination papers so far.

Joseph Szafarowicz took out papers to run for selectman against Mr. Boria. He’s the person who ran unsuccessfully for selectman against Mr. Swensen last year.

A Joshua Evans has taken out papers to run for Moderator against me.

I expect to turn in my nomination papers to the town hall this evening. This could be a very interesting ballot in May.

Edit: fixed Mr. Szafarowicz’s last name

2 thoughts on “Charlton Town Elections

  1. As cool as it looks, my name (sadly) does not begin with a Z. In actuality, the Z is silent. “Szafarowicz” is a funny one. Some times I will throw in a little taste of Z (for the first Z) for flavor, but only when I am feeling really feisty.

    ~Joe Szafarowicz

  2. My profuse apologies. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure where I got that spelling from, but I must have thought it was a reasonable place at the time. I’ve fixed it.

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