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  1. Agreed, if its true, it could represent the single largest breakthrough of the 21st Century, I suspect there is something we’re not being told.

  2. Not Flawless, really. The LJ interface doesn’t allow for a zero-length entry, so I needed to use a single non-breaking space as the message.

    I fail to understand why some messaging systems don’t allow for empty messages.

  3. It’s not that you want to communicate nothing, but that you want to perform the act of communicating nothing. Whether or not it shows up on my friends aggregate is incidental.

  4. For a post that conveys nothingness, it has generated a lot of discussion. I’m impressed that you get so many comments no mattr what you post.

  5. Some things get a lot of comments, and some things get few or none. I’m really not sure what the correlation is between what I post and how much discussion it generates.

  6. There seems to be a negative correlation between the importance of the post to Pete and the amount of commentary. His future plans got no comments. The weather and nothing both got about 20 comments.

  7. That’s not quite it, either, although it’s difficult to measure the interest in a post by the number of comments. When I post updates on my house construction, there usually aren’t many comments, since there’s not much to say about it. However, I think that there is interest in it (although there might be less than I think). Yet, a post like this or about the weather with little content sometimes causes a lot of comments, particularly if the first few comments provoke responses as well. However, I don’t think people are really as interested in them. But, it’s tough for me to know that for sure.

    Maybe there should be some kind of voting thing on posts for “How interested were you in this post?” might make sense… I might do something like ‘s poll soon, asking what my readership wants to read.

    Of course, I may just write whatever I want to regardless. :)

  8. Of course, the only way to do that in LJ is to do the polling via comments (unless one gets a paid account), so it would skew any analysis of number of comments vs. interest.

    Perhaps I should look for another blogging tool that has this important feature…

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