Switching to Hugo

Peter Cooper Jr.
After years of using Wordpress, and well not really using Wordpress but just using it to generate a static web site to host from S3/CloudFront, I’ve finally switched to Hugo, which is actually designed for building a static web site. Even got me to play around with AWS’s CodeCommit & CodeBuild to store its history and build everything when changed. If you’re seeing this, then I guess it worked. I tried to keep most URLs the same, but couldn’t be bothered to configure or set up redirects for absolutely everything, so archive pages and the RSS feed and such use different URLs now.

Moving blogging to my own domain

Peter Cooper Jr.
I’ve decided that I finally was sick enough of LiveJournal that I’d move the sporadic blogging I did to my own domain. LiveJournal was fun, but more and more I’m not a fan of having my data on other people’s systems (especially as I have my own), and I haven’t been a fan of the charities that LJ’s been encouraging people to donate to lately. So, now I have WordPress set up here with me having control over my own data, and perhaps it’ll encourage me to post something a little more often.