Much better success than I expected

So, today, in a somewhat last-minute decision, me and my wife decided to play in a Dreamblade 1k tournament at Your Move Games Somerville. Attendance was a pretty low 14, probably due in part to the New York 10k also happening this weekend. Due to a good amount of luck on my part, both in my pairings and in my dice rolls, I managed to get 3rd place, with a $100 prize. (My wife, unfortunately, didn’t do nearly as well, although I thought that she had the better warband.)

It’s kind of nice to win something significant enough that I had to fill out IRS paperwork for it.

Segna tutte le risposte corrette, se ce ne sono.

Another completely random thing that I wanted to mention is that I’ve written some test questions for use on Magic and Dreamblade judge tests (they solicit questions from all judges to continually improve their question database), and while it’s taken them a while, not only are a couple of my questions actually being used on tests now, some of them have been translated into some other languages. It’s just kind of neat to see a question I wrote in Italian, Chinese, and Portugese, as I can’t read it but I know what it says, since I wrote it in the first place.

2007 Gaming/Judging Schedule so far…

And that’s just what’s on my calendar so far… I expect it to fill up more as the year continues.

Random Life Update

  • My brother moved out to Palmer a couple weeks ago to be closer to his job. With the house came a pinball machine in the basement. It’s a Williams Earthshaker, from 1989. It seems to mostly work, although the score display on it doesn’t seem to work right now. It looks like the current plan is to transport the machine to our house next weekend, and I’m going to take on the hobby of pinball machine restoring. I’m looking forward to it.
  • This weekend, I’m going to judging a Magic Grand Prix Trial and Dreamblade $1k at TJ Collectibles.
  • Jessi and I are working on filling out an adoption application. Hopefully this will accelerate our plans for growing our family.


On Sunday I finally managed to play my first games of Dreamblade, the new collectible miniatures strategy game from WotC. While my wife and I are really rather dismayed at the creative flavor of the game (it’s all horror and nightmareish stuff), it’s fun to play, and has a huge depth of strategy that we’re just barely starting to scratch the surface of. Wizards is really trying to push this game, and is giving thousands of dollars in prizes out for it. I may start trying to play it competitively, although if I do as good as I do at competitive Magic I may just end up judging it primarily.