Cell Tower Update

The cell tower being planned for my parents’ land was approved by the Conservation Commission last week, and was quickly approved the Planning Board on Wednesday. Now there’s a 30-day waiting period in case anyone files an appeal. (Which is unlikely, as there were no objectors at the Planning Board hearing.) Then, Verizon can get a driveway permit and building permit and put the tower up.

Cell Tower Update

As I alluded to before, Verizon Wireless is planning on building a cell tower on my parents’ land. It’s far enough away and there are enough trees around that it shouldn’t really be visible from my yard, and really not visible much from anywhere except the back of my parent’s yard.

At the Conservation Commission hearing on Oct. 15, they were unhappy with the road layout (they thought it could be done in a way that required less relocation of wetlands), and they cited my dad and his neighbor (on the other side from us) with violations, for things like having dirt and brush in the woods.

Those issues have been corrected, and I think there’s another Conservation Commission hearing at some point. I also got a certified letter this week from the Charlton Planning Board letting us know that the Planning Board hearing is on Nov. 19.

Quote of the Day

Charlton Conservation Commission
Public Hearing Notice

In accordance with General Law, Chapter
131, Section 40 of the Wetland Protection
Act, a public hearing will be held in regards to
work proposed by Andrew Pearsall, Verizon

Address where work will take place: 190
Berry Corner Road, Charlton, MA.

Proposed work: Notice of Intent for proposed
construction of a telecommunications facility
within the 200 riverfront area. Total disturbed
area approximately 3160 s.f.

Said hearing is to be held on Wednesday,
October 15, 2008 7:50 PM in the Charlton
Municipal Building, Conservation Office.

Thomas O’Malley, Chairman
Charlton Conservation Commission

October 8, 2008

— Legal Notice, today’s Southbridge Evening News