Peter at 2½ weeks

Today’s been my first day back at work since Peter was born. After 2½ weeks, he’s still not feeding well from the breast, and hasn’t been gaining weight. He’s still not back at his birth weight (which ideally happens by around 1 week). We’re working on feeding him a lot via bottles so that he can get some more calories in him. But that’s a lot more work, and we still have to take care of Hannah, too.

Yesterday, our lactation consultant said that it appears he has posterior tongue-tie, which could be a big contributing factor. (Other factors are just that not getting enough to eat quickly becomes self-reinforcing, as he doesn’t get the energy to have the next feeding and develops some jaundice.) So, we’re working with our doctor’s office today to get a referral to a specialist in tongue-tie recommended by our lactation consultant, based out of some hospital out in Concord.

So hopefully seeing this specialist and correcting the posterior tongue-tie will help get things back on track. Peter’s doing okay for now, as he does like bottle-feeding, but it’d be nice to have all the benefits of breastfeeding and make it easier on all of us for him to get up to the weight he should be at.