Busy October

  • 10/4: Helped out at the Charlton Historical Society‘s Charlton History Day on the Militia Lot by the Rider Tavern.
  • 10/6: Attending tonight’s Board of Selectmen Meeting to ensure I know what’s coming up at the Special Town Meeting.
  • 10/7: Attending a Charlton Finance Committee meeting to ensure I know what’s coming up at the Special Town Meeting. (Plus, if I’m elected Moderator in May, I’d be responsible for more appointments to the Finance Committee, so it’d be nice to attend some meetings to ensure I know what’s going on.)
  • There will likely be additional Selectmen and Finance Committee meetings throughout the month as well.
  • 10/10: Judging at a Magic PTQ at TJ Collectibles.
  • 10/12 (tentative): Creating a video introducing the articles at the Special Town Meeting, to be played on local cable access television.
  • 10/16–10/18: Jessi’s going on the church Women’s Retreat, so I get to take care of Hannah all by myself all weekend.
  • 10/27: Moderating the Charlton Special Town Meeting.
  • 10/29 (tentative): Attending a class on using new studio equipment for making local cable access videos, or something like that.
  • 10/30: Attending the Massachusetts Moderators Association annual meeting.

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