Random Life Update

  • Last Saturday, I judged half a day at the Magic Prerelease at TJ Collectibles, and Jessi got to play. The half a day thing really worked out well for us.
  • This coming Saturday is the annual town elections, although there seems to have been hardly any interest in them in town. There are just a handful of signs about town, there’s hardly any coverage in the newspapers, and it just generally feels like there’s not much interest. I predict low turnout. Hopefully, that will be good for the challengers, but I tend to doubt it.
  • Coming up later in May is the Magic Regional Championships, where I’ll be head judging the Southern New England event in Connecticut. This is one of the largest tournaments (players-wise) of the year, and it’s generally an interesting event. Although, it of course won’t be as large as Grand Prix Boston coming up this August.