Weekend events

  • On Saturday, we went to TJ Collectibles for the Prerelease. I say “we” as Jessi and Hannah came along, and Jessi got to play Magic for the first time since Hannah was born. Wizards changed how prereleases work significantly starting a few months ago, so that the focus of prereleases is on local stores rather than large convention-like events. While I appreciate their efforts at constantly bringing players into local stores, prereleases used to be the main chance for all of the TJ’s judges to get together, whereas now we’re all apart at various places, and I was basically alone for most of the event. And when your event only has 20 players, there’s really little need for more than one judge.
  • When we left for church on Sunday morning, my car didn’t want to leave. Pressing the accelerator caused the engine to rev, but the wheels didn’t turn. It works in Reverse, 1st, and 2nd gears, but not in 3rd or Drive. It seemed rather sudden, as it worked fine on Saturday, but seemed to break overnight. My dad managed for me to borrow my grandmother’s car for a few days so that I could get to the Rising Phoenix prerelease and to work for a few days while the car gets looked at. It may end up being that the car will cost more to fix than it’s worth, though.
  • While I did get to Rising Phoenix to run their prerelease, the event was a bit of a disappointment. Only 4 players showed up, and we needed 8 in order to run the event.

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