Random End-of-year Ramblings

  • I’ve been on vacation since Dec. 24, and was sick for a good chunk of that time. This caused us to miss the Mass. Academy Reunion and TJ Collectibles staff Holiday Party, amongst other events, which was very unfortunate. Being sick is not a good way to start a vacation. But I’m feeling much better now. Hopefully, the rest of the week will be much better.
  • We’re leaving this afternoon (through the snowstorm) to go to the 15th annual New Year’s celebration at my aunt & uncle’s house in the Berkshires. It’s always a fun time, although I’m not sure how the sleeping arrangements will be this year. Many of the people of my generation have gotten married over the past several years, so more and more people come every year. It ends up being the only time we see some of our relatives each year.
  • For those of you living in Massachusetts, if you haven’t done so yet this year, today would be a good opportunity to see your reports free via MA state law. The MA law lets you see a report from each bureau free once per calendar year (unlike the federal law), so you really don’t have anything to lose by getting it today, since the clock resets at midnight.
  • Speaking of midnight, there is an extra second today just before midnight UTC. While we get one 23-hour day and one 25-hour day per year due to the bizarreness of Daylight Saving Time, today we get a rare 24-hour-and-one-second day. It will be at 7:59:60 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. I’ll try to remember to note how I spent my extra second.
  • Reflecting back on 2008, the big event of course was Hannah coming along and changing everything. Pretty much everything in life centers around her now. She’s growing healthily and happily, and I’m sure she’s going to learn to crawl any week now.
  • Happy new year!

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