Today’s Jury Duty Adventure

I got to work today, started doing some stuff, and looked at Outlook to discover that this was the day I was supposed to report to jury duty. I had completely forgotten about it. Luckily, where I work isn’t too far from the Worcester courthouse, so I was able to get there and not be too late.

Fairly early in the day, a large group of us was summoned to be impaneled for a case. I was briefly considered for the jury. However, the defendant was Price Chopper Operations of Massachusetts, and my mother-in-law works for Price Chopper, and my wife worked for them in the past, possibly during the time that the incident in the trial took place.

So, instead, I (along with many others) were ushered back to the jury pool room, and shortly thereafter I was free to go. So, I returned to work to have lunch, and have half of a normal day.

I will note that the new Worcester courthouse is much nicer than the old one, and their technology seems to be rather more modern as well.