Prohibitory Order ignored

Apparently, Smart Shopper has chosen to ignore my prohibitory order, as I received mail from them yesterday. (This is really exactly what I expected, since the type of discounted mailing permit they’re using requires mailing to all addresses in the town.) So, I forwarded the mailpiece off to the Prohibitory Order Processing Center, where if all goes well they’ll get a court order requiring compliance, and if they continue to mail me they’ll be in contempt of court. (39 USC 3008 (d), (e))

3 thoughts on “Prohibitory Order ignored

  1. Does this mean that Smart Shopper wouldn’t be able to get the discounted rate in your zip code after complying with the court order? Spiffy.

  2. Quite possibly. But that’s not my concern at all.

    You can’t be allowed to send obscene materials out just because you’re sending them out to everybody.

  3. Oh, I’m not suggesting that’s a bad thing. Quite the contrary, I think it’s nifty that a small number of well-informed citizens can put a significant dent in the mass-marketing budget.

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