Interesting results from the Charlton election

The Charlton town elections were this past Saturday, with some surprising results.

There were three contested races listed on the ballot. In each of them, the incumbent won. None of that was particularly surprising, although in a couple cases I personally found it disappointing.

In addition, there was a debt exclusion question to spend more money on schools. That was defeated, which was also not surprising.

In addition, there was a race for Water/Sewer Commissioner. There were two available seats, and two people were on the ballot: an incumbent, and a newcomer. Sounds like it’d be an easy win for both of them.

The incumbent lost.

Out of 1,341 cast ballots, only 317 people voted for her. A last-minute write-in campaign for somebody else received 402 votes. (And the newcomer on the ballot got 739 votes.) This campaign was so last-minute that there was no newspaper coverage of it in the days leading up to the election, and I, as a reasonably informed Charlton voter, was completely unaware of it until after I’d voted. (Apparently my mother had tried to email me about it, but I never received it. There’s also other mail that people have told me that they sent me that I haven’t received, so there may be a larger issue with my mailbox.)

(See also the T&G coverage.)

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