Refuse Your Mail

I put together a web site with the information I’ve learned about refusing unwanted mail.

Refuse Your Mail: You don’t have to take it anymore.

Maybe this will be the start of a huge nationwide trend that’ll make a difference in Postal Service policies and get major media coverage.

Or maybe it’ll just be a cute site only read by me and a couple Random Strangers on the Internet.

(Edited afterward: I did let the domain expire, and it’s now on a subdomain of

3 thoughts on “Refuse Your Mail

  1. We really need to get you a new hobby. How’s that pinball machine going?
    For a site such as this, it would probably be useful to establish a forum of some kind, so that the junk-mail-refusing-community can ask and answer user questions about refusing mail and generally share refusal strategies and tactics

  2. Heh, yeah.

    I had $.12 of credit in my GoDaddy account for some funky ICANN thing, and .info domains cost $.99, and I had a domain slot at my hosting provider that I wasn’t using, and so once the idea came to me I just couldn’t resist. I’m not sure I’ll renew the domain once my year is up, though.

    The pinball machine works great, except for the shaker-motor that’s supposed to shake the thing during multiball.

    And yes, adding forums, blogs, and advertising might happen if I have time to work on it.

  3. The piece of info that important mail may not be sent standard rate is useful. I won’t start refusing mail any time soon, but with that info I’ll be more willing to throw out standard-rate mail without opening it.

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