Dreamblade last weekend

We went to the Dreamblade 10k in Hartford this past weekend. I finally got a chance a judge some Dreamblade, and was the head judge of the side-event 1k on Sunday (which was really the only thing happening there on Sunday besides the top 8 playoff of the main 10k event).

An interesting side effect is that this weekend’s tournaments have put Jessi at 866 points, just shy of the 1000 needed to qualify for the 50k Championship at Gencon. So this weekend, after attending her sister’s graduation on Saturday in Maine, we’re seriously considering heading to Montreal on Sunday to participate in another 1k. (There aren’t any more significant Dreamblade events in the New England region.) She just needs to come in the top 16 (earning 150 points) to qualify, and usually 1k attendence isn’t much higher than that. Even coming in top 32 (earning 100 points) would probably allow her to qualify if we manage to travel to some local store tournaments in Connecticut.

If she does qualify, we may need to start planning for attending Gencon. (I’m pretty sure that if we go I can get accepted to judge at the 50k and/or other Wizards events, and Wizards may even be willing to fund some travel expenses.)