Upcoming Judging Schedule

I realized I never stated on here that I judged at Grand Prix Massachusetts, which was a lot of fun, and quite challenging, as the format was new to many players and many of the judges.

Coming up this weekend I have the Dreamblade Hartford 10K, which will be very nice as there have been no big Dreamblade events in the area. People with even a remote interest in a miniatures strategy game should learn the game, put together a warband, and come. There are cash prizes being given out to top 32, and booster pack prizes given to top 64, and I doubt we’ll break 100 players. I’ll be judging and Jessi will be playing. On Sunday, there will be a slightly smaller 1k event, which is Sealed Box, so you don’t even need to put together a warband ahead of time.

Also on Friday night, I have the Future Sight release event at Rising Phoenix Games.

Another big event coming up is that I’ve been selected to be the Head Judge of the Magic Southern New England Regional Championships. This event could quite possibly break 200 players, and it will certainly be the largest event I’ve head judged, but my tournament organizer thinks I’m up to the challenge and so do I. Plus, we’ll have a good staff (there’s plenty more to running an event of that size than just the head judge), so I think it’ll be a great experience for all involved.

And then in July, I’ve been accepted to be a judge at the Magic U.S. National Championship, which should also be a great time. I’ll probably bring Jessi along to play that weekend in the variety of side events (as well as spectate such wonders as the Game of the Year).