My poor car…

On January 21, shortly after leaving our house on the way to the Planar Chaos prerelease, my car skidded on a patch of ice and took some structural damage. (For instance, the front wheels were no longer pointing in the same direction.) As accidents go, it was probably about the best you could ask for, as nobody was hurt, nobody else was involved, the car was drivable enough to get it home (and later to the shop), and insurance is covering it all so I’ll just need to pay the deductible.

So, I’ve been without a car for the past week and a half, but between occasionally borrowing a car from my parents, my buddy giving me a ride to and from work, and loaning me a car for a couple days, I’ve been able to move about without major changes to my schedule. Quite convenient, really.

The repair place is now done with the structural/mechanical fixes, and it’s just the repainting and finishing up that needs to happen now. Hopefully, I’ll get my car back by the end of the week.