My continued judging adventures

Yesterday I judged my first ever Magic Vintage event, the Star City Games Power 9 Series, Boston. (Vintage is the format where almost every card ever printed is legal, but several overly-powerful cards are restricted to 1 per deck. This particular event allowed up to 10 proxies.) We had 116 players (I think), and the prizes were the the top 8 players drafting a set of the “Power 9” cards, which are 9 old cards with a total secondary market value on the order of about $3,000. There’s nothing quite like deckchecking a $1,000+ deck. It was a fun experience, and while I don’t anticipate getting into the Vintage scene much, I’m very glad I went. There were all sorts of fun old cards and interesting interactions and interesting decks.

Next weekend is the Time Spiral prerelease, where I’ll be judging in Hartford again.

Two weeks after that, the set comes out, and I’m tentatively planning on running a big event at WPI for the release. (There seem to be a lot more players there than there used to be.) It should be a bunch of fun as well.