Cell Phone Ponderings

Now that I’m traveling to more and more events, the utility of a cell phone is becoming more and more apparent. I’ve been staying away from them since they don’t work anywhere near my house, but perhaps they’d be useful when away from home. But, it’d be used rarely, so I’m thinking that perhaps some prepaid plan may work best. (Our home phone line usage averages 150 minutes a month, and this is likely to be used much less than that.) Just wondering if people have recommendations or suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Cell Phone Ponderings

  1. Thus far I’ve had good experiences with my prepaid cell phone in Europe. I’d give it to you, but I don’t think they make US SIM cards for that particular model. There’s the slight risk of running out of minutes at a critical time, but you can always call back the customer service number to Top Up (add more minutes to your phone).

  2. I have T-Mobile prepaid. $100 gets you 1000 minutes (10 cents/min) that are good for 1 year, I think (so minimum cost is $9/month). The phone was $70 from amazon.com, but with a $30 mail-in-rebate so the net cost is $40. T-mobile is not known for good coverage in rural areas, so you should check into their coverage where you care about. See various posts about cellphones in my LJ.

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