The return of the Government Bureaucracy

So, our house is basically done. We could live in it. The only things not done are the hookup to Charter, the microwave isn’t installed, and there’s some touchup painting in places.

So now, we need to wait for several town offices to sign a piece of paper saying that we can live there. I’m not quite sure what “occupying” it means. Certainly, people occupied it to build it. We moved most of our stuff in there. We’ve even played games there on several occasions. So, I don’t know whether we need to wait for them in order to sleep there at night or not. Or maybe we’ve already broken the definition of “occupying” and just nobody really cares.

The main problem is most town offices have ridiculous hours like Monday through Thursday, 10am to 3pm, with an hour off for lunch. So getting them to sign things may be difficult.