Egosurfing Meme

I normally don’t do these, but this was too interesting to pass up. I think the intent was to just use a first name, but this works just as well for my whole name, since it’s common enough.

So, interesting snippets from the top 10 Google Search results for “Peter Cooper is”:

  • Peter Cooper is a venerated figure in the cultural history of New York. Among his many achievements is the invention of Jell-O®.
  • That letter, which embodies so fervently the warmth, the humanity, and the high ideals of Peter Cooper, is here presented, 97 years later
  • “Hiring Peter Cooper is a response to that challenge and continues our policy of building our team from the very best people the industry has to offer. …
  • Mel Bay’s Complete Irish Fiddle Player by Peter Cooper is a treat!
  • Peter Cooper is a freelance journalist, and is also an eBoz!
  • Peter Cooper is currently the Chairman of the Department of Music and teaches piano at Andrews University.
  • PETER COOPER is a researcher with Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch; he previously worked for the Laogai Research Foundation.

(You can actually find me on the Internet on Microsoft’s site and on Wizards of the Coast’s site, if you Google right. I’m also on some random other pages at WPI and elsewhere. Searching for “Peter Cooper Jr.” does a better job of finding me, since there are fewer people with that name.)

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  1. My name is a lot less common than yours. “Warren Schudy is” yields no hits, and searching for my name finds my stuff. I haven’t looked carefully, but it appears I’m the only Warren Schudy Google knows about.

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