Searching for hosting services

I currently run my mail and web server off of my old FreeBSD box at home on my cable connection. This has worked fairly well for me, but it has a few problems:

  • My Internet connection goes down occasionally.
  • My Internet connection is slow, particularly the upload (which for everyone else, is the download).
  • It requires me to be running my computer 24/7, which is noisy and eats electricity.
  • It’s blatantly against my ISP’s Terms of Service.

So, I’m looking to put my serving off-site. Here are my requirements:

  • A mail server running IMAP and allowing me to do Sieve filtering.
  • A web server where I can put up my pictures. That’s a lot of space, but I don’t think I get enough viewers to worry about the bandwidth.
  • Continued use of my domain.

Ideally, I’d like it to be as cheap as possible while still giving me good service. Suggestions?

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  1. I use Kualo. They meet your specs (expect possibly the Sieve — I haven’t done much with their IMAP offerings, so you’d have to check that out). Their Customer Service is outstanding.

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