House Building Update

Drywall is expected to be delivered late this week, so it looks like the internals of the house may be done in just a few weeks.

The main problem, as one might expect, is with Verizon. They need to put a telephone pole on our part of Berry Corner Rd. in order to give us power and data lines. However, they hadn’t realized that it’s a town road, so they hadn’t started the process of asking the town for permission to place the pole. (That involves a public hearing, with probably registered mail to the abutters and such. Luckily, the abutters probably won’t have a problem with it. :) They still haven’t been convinced that it’s not a town road yet, but we’re working on it. (We have documentation from the Charlton town clerk.) But it could be 6 weeks before we get our power and data lines in.