6 thoughts on “Moving to Blogger

  1. Seems since it is a blog for both of you, you might want to use a photo of both of you.

  2. Well, Jessi’d need to sign up at Blogger first… Basically, she doesn’t post much since most of what she’d say would be redundent with what I’d say. I’m still working on setting things up there, but I tend to really like what I’ve seen it of it so far.

  3. I see why you find LJ unprofessional. For example, the “check spelling and preview” button for comment posting – why not a button for that? Also, the lack of a link to update one’s journal when looking at it!

    You mention you wish your LJ was searchable. Have you tried unchecking the box labeled “Block Robots/Spiders from indexing your journal”?

  4. Yes… That box just allows searching of your front page (the last 20 or so entries). The other pages are unsearchable regardless.

  5. But the LiveJournal friends aggregator and filter system seems to be just plain better than RSS and respective utilities.[can of worms]

  6. I’m currently playing around with RSS aggregators and such, although LJ’s does look rather nice so far. I may continue to use LJ as my blog reading aggregator while still using another service for my posting.

    Someone with a paid account could add my Blogger blog as a syndicated feed on LJ, and then you could all use that to read it.

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