Local Town Politics

The Southbridge Evening News reports that nobody has taken out nomination papers for the position of Town Moderator in the town of Charlton. The deadline for taking out papers is Wednesday, and the deadline for submitting them with 50 signatures on them is Thursday. If nobody officially signs up for wanting the position, I may submit my voter registration for Charlton and start a write-in campaign. I figure with my parents, brother, wife, and self I’ve got 5 votes, and I can probably get a few more with our other contacts in town.

Website Update

I just spent a good chunk of yesterday evening and this evening setting up a wiki on cooperjr.name. Hopefully, this will make it easier for Jessi and I to edit it, and maybe we can have some sections for all our friends to edit if people are interested. I also added on a quotes page, porting over Jessi’s original “Welcome to Mass. Academy” page, as well as adding a few more quotes.


  • Last week, I got notification that I’ve officially graduated from WPI.
  • Yesterday, my car went past the 80,000 mile mark.
  • Today, we had worship for the first time in the new expanded part of the church building.
  • Tomorrow, we should hear back about the status of our building permit.
  • Next Sunday, Jessi has a birthday.

Ten things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

Well, I’ve seen other people doing it, so why not follow the crowd for once. Here is a list of 10 things that I’ve done that you probably haven’t, in no particular order: I’ve

  1. Scored an Out on my high school softball team from the position of Scorekeeper.
  2. Become a level 1 Magic: the Gathering judge
  3. Gone to Costa Rica 3 times
  4. Enjoyed learning and using Scheme
  5. Seriously considered purchasing a 26-port networking switch or two for my home
  6. Itemized the deductions on my tax return
  7. Completely reconfigured my home network, including replacing hardware, merely so that I could try running IPv6
  8. Attended a rally on the Mall in Washington, DC
  9. Got my name and picture on Microsoft’s web site
  10. Started my three WPI projects in reverse order (MQP, IQP, Suff) and completed them in the correct order (Suff, IQP, MQP)

Shocking Statement of the Day

Background for those unfamiliar: In October 2003, Microsoft announced that they needed to organize their security patch release process, and therefore would release patches on the second Tuesday of every month. They somewhat recently added a little advance warning where they would announce what products would be being patched the prior week.

Microsoft just announced:

On March 8th, 2005 the Microsoft Security Response Center is planning to release no new security bulletins.

This is just completely unheard of.


Some people are doing the interviewing-on-LJ thing again, as a way to learn more about people we know. If people want to ask me questions, fire away. If people want me to ask them questions, let me know and I’ll try to think of something.