Political Asperation & Home Network Update

I’ve decided not to run for Town Moderator. I don’t want to run as a write-in candidate against somebody who’d I’d be happy to have in there.

In other news, I drew a network diagram today, just to make sure I knew what IPs were where in our increasingly-complicated home network. (The router for VoIP adds another layer of NATing, and there’s now the cable-modem-to-phone-router subnet, the phone-router-to-PCPC subnet, and the main home subnet.)

4 thoughts on “Political Asperation & Home Network Update

  1. Imaging how complicated it will be when you have a whole house to play network with :)

  2. wow, I love how http://www.townofcharlton.com has “LAID-OFF? UNEMPLOYED? Run for CHARLTON, MASSACHUSETTS Election seats”. Apparently we want people who aren’t good at business running our town.

    If you did want to go for the whole dictator of Charlton position you could run for oen of the two selectmen (didn’t they change it to selectperson? silly Tamra) positions. However they would take more free time than you’d have commuting to West Boylston everyday. Even if they let you work from home wouldn’t fit into your schedule. So you could start out slow with something like cemetary commission or Tree Warden.

  3. I don’t think that townofcharlton.com is owned by the Town… The Town’s site is townofcharlton.net

  4. And I don’t have the time to run a write-in campaign against Kathleen Walker, nor do I have the time nor desire to be a selectman at this time.

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